Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are generally rather inexpensive. The accurate measurement and fitting does however take some time to make sure that the lenses move perfectly on the eye and that the vision is the best and clearest.

This office offers the evaluation and fitting of all types of contact lenses including the original hard lenses, the RGP [rigid gas permaeable], soft daily wear, toric [astigmatism], colored, disposable, and bifocal. Recently, a bifocal soft astigmatism lens has been manufactured to be able to fit these patients as well.

To be fit with contacts, a comprehensive eye exam must be completed. A trial lens is then used to make sure the measurements that have been taken translate into a comfortable product with good vision. Instructions on the care, handling, insertion and removal are given as well as a “break in” schedule. The follow up visit is most important and is usually scheduled in about a week. At that visit, the lenses should have been worn for at least five hours at the time of the visit. lf things look OK at 5 hours, they are usually good for the entire waking day. Occasionally, the lenses may have to be changed or modified to obtain the best fitting, comfort and vision.

Only after all these steps have been completed, can we say that the fitting has been successful. After that, an annual exam is usually all that is necessary to confirm the prescription, the best possible vision and the health of the eye